JC/LISD Academy: A Regional Middle College

A new educational opportunity

JC/LISD Academy is a public middle college program for capable and self-motivated students, located on the campus of LISD TECH Center and Jackson College (JC). JC/LISD Academy exists in partnership with all 11 Lenawee County public school districts and is funded through a percentage of each district's Foundation Allowance. This alleviates cost to students or their families who attend.

The Academy is designed to fully immerse high school aged students in the post-secondary learning environment, while affording them the opportunity to complete a high school diploma and associate degree. This is accomplished in five years through the Michigan Department of Education's Four Plus One Program.

The Program gives students an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school and offers motivated, academically-focused students a chance to enroll in advanced, college-level coursework. It also provides an alternative for students who are either struggling or do not feel connected to their high school

“Someone should attend the middle college if they find it a good fit for them. A person looking for more serious schooling, a smaller environment than the typical public school, and a friendlier environment, the middle college is a perfect fit.”

Lillian Skiba-Thayer